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Quiz #45 - Question

by Walter Muma


Here is a relatively simple mini-quiz for you. This photo appeared on Facebook for a brief time before it was taken down. The caption with it said something like the following (I didn't copy it down at the time):

"Here we see the last tracks in the life of a cottontail rabbit before a Snowy Owl swooped down and carried it off for dinner"

Analyze the photo and answer the following questions:

  1. Is the statement about this photo accurate?
  2. If so, why? Back up your assertion.
  3. If not, why not? And what do you think actually happened here?
  4. Why do you suppose the photo was on Facebook for only a very brief time? Hint: I don't think it was for copyright reasons.

AFTER YOU'VE PONDERED THIS ONE, GO HAVE A LOOK AT QUIZ #46 AS WELL. Sorry, I inadvertently omitted it from the email anouncement!


Quiz #45 - Answer

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