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Quiz #46 - Question

by Walter Muma


Here is another one-photo quiz. To be quite honest, this quiz is almost unfair. After all, I watched what made these tracks, and you didn't. :) 
However, for what it's worth, here is the quiz and question (as if you don't already know what the question will be!) ...

I was in Algonquin Park (Ontario) one February as I watched <something> make the above track(s). I was fascinated and surprised when the track(s) was (were) revealed. Yes, an actual animal did indeed make this/these track(s). (Don't worry, we will never post fake tracks for a quiz.)

QUESTION: Who or what made the track(s) in the photo? How was/were the track(s) made? Was it a miniature deer?

Quiz #46 - Answer

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