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Tracking Quizzes will test and enhance your knowledge of the ancient art of tracking animals. If you are new to tracking, don't go away! There are plenty of quizzes in the "easy" category, as well as those in the medium and difficult categories.

Tracking is all about following marks left by animals. It involves their actual tracks, as well as their scat, scrapes, chews, food harvesting and other signs.

People track animals for survival, scientific study, as well as for the pure enjoyment of solving a puzzle.

From a nature study and scientific perspective, this skill allows you to identify what animals are present in an area and gain some understanding of their habits.

And tracking skills will of course enable you to get close enough to a live animal to kill it for food and hides and other materials useful in a survival situation. For more information about Wilderness Survival please visit the Wildwood Survival website.

For a lot more information about tracking, please visit the Wildwood Tracking website.


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Black bear tracks
Black Bear tracks in sand along the north shore of Lake Superior


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