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Quiz #45 - Answer

by Walter Muma

The answers are ...

  1. No, the rather dramatic description of the photo is not at all accurate!
  2. N/A
  3. -There's only one clear wing print, most likely from a large bird landing. If these aree real, actual tracks made by a live bird, I would say a raven landed and then walked away. But this begs the question ... why would a raven land in fairly deep snow and then casually walk away??
    -There are no signs of struggle by the alleged bunny
    -Those tracks are definitely not rabbit tracks - rabbits hop, they rarely alternate-walk.
    -Those tracks are pretty big, maybe too big for a rabbit/hare.
    -One person wrote in that he felt the entire scenario was fake, crated by a person walking up to the wing print, creating the wing print, and then carefully backing out. Here is his email:
    No, not accurate. I've seen lots of bird wings in the snow, but this looks man made. Without a ruler to judge scale, I cannot say for sure, but it looks like someone walked up to the supposed bird track and then made the tracks from where they stood, and then walked backwards out again.
    The bird wing tracks that I've seen usually only have the tips of the wings, not the whole wing. The supposed wings in the snow looks too deep to be a wing. If the bird flew in and picked up a rabbit there wouldn't be any "landing" tracks.
    The "rabbit tracks" do not look like rabbit, they look human. but again without scale it is hard to judge.
  4. The photo was posted by a tracker/outdoors type of person. Most likely one of his friends or aquaintances pointed out the obvious problems with the description of the photo and he promptly yanked the photo off Facebook in embarrassment. (No it wasn't me!)

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