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Quiz #5 - Question

  • Habitat: Oak woodlands, above a stream & manmade pond in a city park. Suburb just outside of Hartford, CT.
  • Time of year: December.
Photos C1-C3 show tracks leading in & out of a burrow.

Photo C1

From photos C2 & C3, you can see that when given the option, this animal prefers to walk on top of a skinny log rather than on the ground [the snow on the log has been compacted into ice by multiple trips back & forth]. 

Photo C2


Photo C3

Photo C4 shows a close-up of the burrow.  This animal is a good digger and has many burrows within 100 feet of the pond & stream.

Photo C4

Photos C5 & C6 show the general track pattern. 

Photo C5

In C6, note that this animal sometimes drags his toes in a curving motion.

Photo C6

C7 is a closeup of typical tracks, note the front & hind feet almost never fall in exact direct register.  The larger of the 2 feet measures 2" long by 2 " wide.

Photo C7

C8 is zoomed out a little; stride is 7-9" and trail width is 5".

Photo C8

This animal makes frequent visits to thickets that encircle the pond, as shown in C9. 

Photo C9


Quiz #5 - Answer

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