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The answer is OPOSSUM.

Many of you were smarter than I was. For a long time I tracked this area and thought these tracks were from muskrats.  The habitat threw me off - in winter, when their tracks & burrows are most obvious, these opossums concentrate their activity around the pond, which definitely has frequent sign of muskrat - scat, plunge holes in the ice, and shells from feasts on freshwater clams. 

For some reason that remains a mystery to me, the opossums in my area stay in undeveloped areas & very close to water during the winter; I almost never see their tracks in snow in residential areas.  But once spring arrives, they venture out of the developed areas, crossing roads into residential areas and far from water - the most obvious sign of this is road-killed opossums.

The indirect register is common to both opossum & muskrat, and so is the star-shaped front footprint and the tendency to drag the feet in shallow snow.  The behavior of walking on the skinny log, I don't
believe is indicative of either animal, but it wouldn't be inconsistent with either animal. 

The stride of 7-9", however, matches opossum better than muskrat.  And while both animals dig burrows, from what I know muskrat burrows almost always have underwater entrances.

Opossums have thumbs that on their hind feet can point backwards - you can see something akin to this in photo C8, but my experience is that it's pretty rare when the thumb actually points backwards like shown in the field guides.


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