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Quiz #4 - Answer


The answer is RACCOON.

Raccoons have a giant difference in the size of their front/hind feet, and the small-large-small-large pattern is classic for raccoon. Raccoons also sometimes travel in packs. The marsh is ideal habitat for raccoon. In the case of these raccoons, the railroad is also part of their habitat - they sometimes visit it to feed on carrion of unfortunate train-killed animals. Even more unfortunately, the raccoons themselves are sometimes killed by trains while feeding on the carrion.

The cold weather and the fact that the raccoons plunged into the icy water were a couple surprises in there to fool everybody. I don't come across raccoon tracks often in winter, and was not expecting raccoon on such a frigid morning. The first tracks on this trail that I spied were the tracks going into the water, and I was thinking otter. I was confused, as the tracks seemed small for otter. Then I encountered the 3 sets of tracks going across the ice, and I thought, "How odd for 3 otters to travel across 40 feet of ice without a single belly slide!" Then I studied the foot pattern and said aha. I realized I had seen other occasions in winter where raccoons had entered & exited cold, deep, swift-moving water multiple times, without any apparent aversion to getting chilled.

What I have learned from this is that while raccoons don't appear to be highly active during winter, they don't seem to be fussy about choosing the warmest days to go active, like a skunk would for instance.

Hope you enjoyed the quiz and stay tuned for the next one.


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