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  • Habitat: Suburban powerline / railroad corridor, treeless, thickly grown with thickets of rose & raspberry, plus thistle, mullein, pokeweed. Plentiful water. Tracks were 50 yards behind a row of residential houses.
  • Location: Hartford, Connecticut.
  • Time of Year: November 30 (second snow of the year here).
  • Substrate: 2" of fresh, wet snow. The "Trail 3" photo shows tracks in a thicket, in which the 2" of fresh snow was on top of 5" of previous snow; the remainder of the photos show tracks on a dirt road, which had melted out almost bare prior to the 2" of snow.
  • Footprint size: 1 " long x 1 " wide.
  • Stride: 5" almost every stride; occasionally up to 5 ".
  • Trail Width: 3 ".
  • Trail was very zigzag & meandering (see "Trail 1" photo). Note avoidance of mud puddles (see "Trail 2"). Made regular use of snow-covered thickets as shelter (see "Trail 3"). Drags feet slightly in 2" deep snow (see "Stride & Trail Width").

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Footprint 1


Footprint 2


Footprint 3


Front & Rear Print




Trail 1


Trail 2


Trail 3


Stride & Trail width


Quiz #2 - Answer

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