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Quiz #2 - Answer


The answer is STRIPED SKUNK.

The pertinent clues were prominent claw marks, smooth & continuous palm pads, meandering trail, near residential houses.  Being the second snow of the year was sort of a clue also, as skunks tend to be dormant during the depths of winter but you can't rule out skunk if it is around the first (or last) snow of the year, or if it is during a relatively warm spell.  Rezendes' field guide says that the narrow trail width often confuses people because they don't expect such a large-looking animal to leave such delicate tracks.  This was a good learning experience for me, as the trail width seemed too narrow for skunk until I looked it up.

In this particular instance, the dead giveaway was the ODOR.  Sorry I didn't provide that clue; that would've made it too easy! Hahahahahaha!

The very regular stride of this particular animal is apparently very unusual for skunks, according to field guides, so that was in there to fool everybody.

The 5th toe was also generally not visible in the tracks, another clue the skunk left just to fool us.


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