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Quiz #55 - Question

by Brian Booth

Here’s a quiz from the deep wilderness of Montana. (Although you may be able to get this one even if you are from the Great Plains, mid-Atlantic or New England, as this animal has a cousin that inhabits those regions.)
Photo 55A

Habitat: Alpine terrain above 10,000 feet elevation, deep in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness in Montana, just north of Yellowstone National Park

Time of year: July

Photo 55B

Aha, there is an animal trail in the snow. (How unexpected for a Tracking Quiz!)
Photo 55C

Photo 55C is a montage overhead showing the animal’s track pattern. The stride measured 18 to 20 inches.
Photo 55D

Photos 55D / 55E / 55F show one group of tracks each. The group length varied widely from 11 to 16 inches, and the trail width also varied widely from 7½ to 4½ inches.
Photo 55E

Photo 55F


Photo 55G

Photo 55G is zoomed in on a pair of tracks. The top track measured 2 3/8 inch long by 2¼ inch wide. The bottom track measured 2 1/8 inch long by 2 inch wide.

1. What animal made the tracks?
2. What about these tracks is uncommon for this animal?
3. What was the animal’s mood when it made the tracks? (Your choices are frightened, alert but calm, vulnerable, or relaxed.)

Quiz #55 - Answer

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