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Quiz #51 - Question

by Brian Booth

This quiz comes to you from the exotic & magnificent country of Nepal. However, you donít have to be familiar with the wildlife of Asia to do this quiz Ė itís a cousin of a familiar inhabitant of North America.
Photo 51A
Habitat: A remote village in the Himalaya mountains of Nepal, elevation 16,000 feet.

Time of year: November.
Photo 51B

A dusting of snow fell overnight. On the following sunny day, the snow has melted in most areas, but is still present in shaded areas such as behind this stone house.
Photo 51C

There is an animal trail in a patch of snow behind the building.
Photo 51D

Photo 51D is zoomed in to show the stride. The stride measured 11 inches. The trail width was 2Ĺ inches.
Photo 51E

Photos 51E / 51F are closeups of the tracks. The track measured 2 3/8 inches long by 1ľ inch wide.
Photo 51F

What animal made the tracks?
(If youíre not familiar with the wildlife of Nepal, guess the North American animal that would make tracks most similar to these.)

Quiz #51 - Answer

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