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Quiz #48 - Question

by Brian Booth

Here’s a quiz from an exotic location – the tropical island of Bali, in Indonesia. You may not been to this destination, but even if not, there are clues that can lead you to the answer.
Photo 48A

Habitat: A rice paddy on the island of Bali. The land is mountainous, and terraces have been carved into the hillsides for centuries to create level paddies for planting rice.

Photo 48B

Rice is a crop that grows in water (Photo 48B), which requires careful contol of water levels and waterborne insects.

Time of year: July (the time of the second harvest and third planting of the year).

Photo 48C

Photo 48C shows a muddy path around the side of one of the terraces.

Photo 48D

There are tracks of multiple individual animals in the mud. Because there are multiple animals, it is hard to tell what the animals’ stride and trail width are.

Photo 48E

Photos 48E & 48F are zoomed in on individual tracks. The tracks measured 2˝ inches long by 2 1/8 inch wide.

Photo 48F


QUESTION: What animal made the tracks?

Quiz #48 - Answer

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