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Quiz #47 - Question

by Brian Booth

Photo 47A

Here’s a tracking quiz that doesn’t have any animal tracks. All it has is animal “sign”. If you know this animal and are familiar with New England, it will be easy. If not, it could be challenging.

Habitat: Mixed hardwood/conifer forest in rocky hills of rural northeast Massachusetts.

Time of year: March.

Photo 47B

Photo 47B shows a closer look at the types of trees in the area.

Photo 47C

Here’s a small boulder field in the woods

Photo 47D

There are some signs that an animal has been using the boulder field as a den

Photo 47E

Photo 47E is zoomed in on the den entrance, showing scat mixed in with the leaves.

Photo 47F

Photo 47F is zoomed in further (I reached my camera a full armlength inside the den). The photo shows a huge mound of scat. But it didn’t smell like a latrine – it smelled more like a Christmas wreath. Hmmm?

Photo 47G

Here is what the scat looks like when separated from the leaves. It ranges from about ¾ inch to 1 inch long, and is about 5/8 inch in diameter. Some of the scat is straight; some is curved, similar in shape to macaroni.

Photo 47H

Here is another artifact I found at the den entrance

OK, that’s all the clues you get.

1. What kind of tree is shown in Photo 47B?
2. What animal was denning under the boulders?
3. List at least 4 clues that led you to your answer.

Quiz #47 - Answer

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