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Quiz #41 - Question

Photos and text by Brian Booth

This quiz comes to you from the wilds of Yellowstone National Park, a wildlife watcher’s and tracker’s paradise.
Photo 41A

Habitat: A dried portion of a river bed in the giant open meadows of the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

Time of year: June

Photo 41B

The dried mud shows the presence of wildlife activity several weeks previously, when the river was higher and the mud was moist.

Photo 41C shows an overhead shot of the animal’s trail. The stride measured exactly 27 inches with each step. The trail width was 13 inches.
Photo 41D

Photos 41D / 41E / 41F are zoomed in to show the tracks. The tracks ranged from 3½ to 4½ inches long by 3½ to 4½ inches wide.

Photo 41E
Photo 41F

QUESTION: What animal made the tracks?


Quiz #41 - Answer

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