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Quiz #40 - Question

Photos and text by Walter Muma

Here's a potentially tricky quiz, although some of you may get it right away!
There's just a few photos to show you.

Time of year: February in Algonquin Park, in mid-northern Ontario.

As you can see this area is well visited.

In the same area, going sideways down (or coming up) a steep slope.
More, on the level.
Additional clues:
  • This area is right near a remote parking lot.
  • Only a few people come here each day in the winter, mainly to feed the birds and see if any wild animals are around.
  1. What the heck made those crazy straight-ish lines across the snow in each picture?
  2. Bonus: What kind of bird tracks do you see here?

(Warning - I did not actually see any of these tracks or marks being made except the bird tracks. So my conclusions - as will be seen in the Quiz Answer - are based on analysis, inference and gut feel).


Quiz #40 - Answer

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