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Quiz #36 - Question

Here’s a quiz from the deep wilderness in the wild west.
Photo 36A

Habitat: A burn in a lodgepole pine forest, central Idaho.

Time of year: August.

Photo 36B

Photo 36B shows a whole mess of tracks on a dusty hiking trail.

Photo 36C

Photo 36C is zoomed in a bit, showing tracks of multiple animals going both directions. Some of the animal tracks have been obliterated by human hiking boots. These two factors prevented getting good measurements of the animal’s stride or trail width.

Photo 36D

Photo 36D is zoomed in on a selected pair of tracks. This track measured 3 1/8 inches long by 2 3/8 inches wide.

Photo 36E

The clearer of the two tracks is shown from above in Photo 36E...

Photo 36F

...and from a side angle in Photo 36F

Photo 36G

Photo 36G shows another pair of tracks. The larger track was 2¾ inches long by 2 5/8 inches wide. The smaller track was approximately 2½ inches long by 2 inches wide.

  1. What animal made the tracks?
  2. Is this animal average size, large, or small?
  3. Can you point out three features of the tracks that distinguish this creature from other similar animals?
  4. How old are the tracks?

Quiz #36 - Answer

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