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Quiz #35 - Question

Here’s a quiz from the Midwest. (It’s not that hard, but has some followup questions if you want to make it more challenging.)
Photo 35A

Habitat: A housing development being built in rural northern Illinois.

Time of year: October.

Photo 35B

Photo 35B shows the entrance road to the housing development, alongside a cornfield. There surely aren’t any tracks here, are there?

Photo 35C

Ah, but take a closer look in Photo 35C – there’s some tracks in the little bit of dried mud alongside the curb.

Photo 35D

Photo 35D is a montage showing the animal’s stride over a long distance. The stride ranged from 7 to 10 inches. The trail width was a consistent 4½ inches all the way. The stripe going down the middle of the trail measured ½ inch wide.

Photo 35E

Photos 35E / 35F / 35G are zoomed in on some of the tracks. The larger tracks measured 1¼ inch long by 1 7/8 inch wide, while the smaller tracks were 7/8 to 1½ inch long by 1¼ inch wide.

Photo 35F
Photo 35G
  1. What animal was this, walking down a paved road next to a cornfield?
  2. What kind of gait was the animal using?
  3. How fast was the animal going?
  4. How old are the tracks?

Quiz #35 - Answer

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