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Quiz #34 - Question

Here’s a super-tough quiz, showing some tracks in very challenging conditions that make the tracks not very clear at all. Not sure there’s any way to definitively identify this animal by these tracks alone, but I thought I’d share them nonetheless.
Photo 34A

Habitat: Arid sage-steppe land at the northern entrance to Yellowstone National Park, on the border of Montana and Wyoming.

Time of year: June.

Photo 34B

I saw a solitary animal on the open plateau. After watching it for some time and waiting for it to depart, I climbed down to look at its tracks.

Unfortunately the ground was too hard and dry to reveal many tracks, but there were some small spots of firm mud that allowed some tracks to be seen. Some tracks I found are shown in Photos 34B / 34C / 34D. The tracks measure roughly 2 to 2¼ in long by 1 5/16 to 2 inches wide.

There were not enough tracks visible to measure the animal’s stride or trail width.

Photo 34C
Photo 34D


  1. Any guess as to the mystery animal?

Quiz #34 - Answer

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