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Quiz #28 - Question

Heres a basic quiz to warm you up in the wintertime. Its relatively easy, but there are followup questions that get more challenging.
Photo 28A

Habitat: Urban (my house, Seattle, Washington)

Time of year: January

Temperature: 38F (3C). The low temperature overnight was about 28F (-2C).

Photo 28B

Snow fell during the evening. (This is rare in the moderate climate of Seattle.) When I awoke the next morning, I discovered a visitor had been present on my front porch.

Photo 28C

Photo 28C shows the trail of the animal, along with other marks in the snow.

Photo 28D

Photo 28D is a composite photo of the trail. The stride ranged from 7 to 9 inches. Trail width was 3 inches.

Photo 28E

Photo 28E is a closeup of one set of tracks. The tracks measure approximately 1 inch wide by 1 inch long.

  1. What animal made the tracks?

More challenging follow-up questions:

  1. During the night, there was both rain and snow. Which happened first?
  2. Were the tracks made before or after the rain? Before or after the snow? How old are the tracks?
  3. What type of gait was the animal using? Was it speeding up or slowing down?
  4. Is this animal large, small, or average size compared to others of its species?
  5. Is this animal a male or female?

Quiz #28 - Answer

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