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Quiz #27 - Answer

The answer is ... NO ONE was CHEWING on the Alder. Those are the marks from a CHAIN SAW!

A trail maintenance crew had been through a while before, and they had used a chain saw rather hurriedly and sometimes sloppily. The alder stick shown in the photos was loose in the snow, and had somehow ended up in an upright position, making it look like, at first glance, that an animal had been chewing on the branch.

This is a good quiz to help teach us to shake free any preconceived notions we may have about a particular tracking situation. It reminds us to always step back and look at things fresh. One of the most common errors made by trackers if they are with others is that of believing what someone says about the situation. "Looks like a ---", someone says, and sometimes it sure is hard to break free of the idea of whatever it is they are saying it is!


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