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Quiz #26 - Question

Photo 26A

Habitat: A mountain range in southern Arizona, near the Mexican border (Photo 26A). (Hmm, looks very similar to the habitat of Quiz 23.)

Photo 26B

The tracks were found in Oak/Sycamore forest high in the mountains, where it had recently snowed (Photo 26B).

Time of Year: January.

Photo 26C

As seen here in Photo 26C, there are some clean tracks in the shallow snow.

Photo 26D

Photo 26D is zoomed in on the trail the stride ranges from 8 to 12 inches, and the trail width ranges from 2 to 3 inches.

Photo 26E

Photos 26E & 26F show a continuation of the trail down a boulder field, a tricky crossing that the animal negotiated without even breaking stride.

Photo 26F
Photo 26G

Photos 26G, 26H, and 26J are zoomed in on individual footprints. The prints are about 1 wide by 1 long.

Photo 26H
Photo 26J
Who is this mysterious animal of the high desert mountains?

Quiz #26 - Answer

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