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Time of Year: June.
Photo 25A

This is my home in suburban Connecticut.

Photo 25B

This is Josh the Cat, king of the household.

Photo 25C

In the back of the house is Josh’s cat door ...

Photo 25D

... which provides access to his feeding station.

Photo 25E

Hmm, something seems very wrong ...

Photo 25F

... a very large amount of cat food has been eaten ...

Photo 25G

... and the food bag has been torn open with food and paper shreds strewn all about.

Photo 25H

What an impossible tracking mystery to solve, without any tracks to be seen!  :(

Photo 25J

AHA, but wait, reaching into your bag of tricks, you use the technique of SIDEHEADING, and presto, a cornucopia of tracks magically appears!  :)

As taught by Tom Brown Jr, you get all the way down with your ear on the floor and look at the area sideways, towards the light, and you can see all kinds of details in the footprints (Photos 25K / 25L / 25M)
Photo 25K


Photo 25L


Photo 25M
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