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Quiz #24 - Question

(WARNING: This quiz shows some fairly gruesome photos of tracks where a mystery animal has been feeding on a carcass, and may be inappropriate for some viewers.)

Time of Year: March.

Habitat: Dry, sandy pine/oak/palmetto habitat along a road in a state park in southern Florida. (Photo 24A is a long shot of the road; Photos 24B & 24C show closer views of the types of shrubs in this habitat.)

Photo 24A
Photo 24B
Photo 24C
Photos 24D & 24E show blood stains on the road where unfortunately an animal has been hit by a car. The carcass is on the shoulder of the road.
Photo 24D


Photo 24E


Photos 24F & 24G show that a mystery animal has dragged the carcass across the sand, and left tracks all around the carcass as it was feeding.
Photo 24F
Photo 24G

See Photo 24Ga below for a closeup of the carrion animal


Photo 24Ga

Closeup view of the carrion animal

Photos 24H-24K show close-ups of the prints, which measured 3 to 3 inches long by 3 inches wide.
Photo 24H
Photo 24J


Photo 24K


Photo 24L

Photo 24L shows a print with more detail, you can see a rear-facing toe, which makes the total length of the track 4 inches.

Who is the mystery animal that has been feeding? Bonus points for identifying what kind of animal the carcass is from.

As always, have fun!



Quiz #24 - Answer

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