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Quiz #21 - Question


Habitat: Dry river bed in the Sonoran Desert, southern Arizona (Photo 21A).

Time of Year: January (just a few days ago, as a matter of fact).

Who were our mystery visitors to the river bed? Send in a guess, and you’ll find out.

As always, have fun!

-- Brian

Photo 21A

Habitat: Dry river bed in the Sonoran Desert, southern Arizona

Photo 21B

Photo 21B shows a trail of several animals in the sand, indicating this animal travels in groups.

Photo 21C

In Photo 21C, one of the animals has investigated a prickly pear cactus.

Photo 21D

In Photo 21D, another of the animals has excavated the burrow of a small rodent in search of a meal (this animal is a good digger).

Photo 21E

Photo 21E shows the trail of an individual across a patch of mud, with Photo 21F (below) zoomed in. The animal’s stride measured 12-13 inches, and the trail width measured 5-6 inches.

Photo 21F
Photo 21G

From Photo 21G, you can see that this animal is not particularly graceful and does not direct register.

Photo 21H

Photos 21H / 21J / 21K / 21L are zoomed in on individual footprints; the prints aren’t very clear, as they were made prior to a heavy rain, so try to meld them together in your mind to picture what a fresh print would look like. The prints measure 1 inch long by 1 inch wide.

Photo 21J
Photo 21K
Photo 21L

Quiz #21 - Answer

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