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Quiz #20 - Question


Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and a safe & joyous season. In the spirit of giving, today we have a special "double bonus" tracker quiz: Quiz # 19 and Quiz #20: two in one! As always, have fun!

This one is QUIZ #20 (Part II)

Take a look at Photos 20A, 20B & 20C.


Habitat: Douglas Fir forest (Photo 20A), Bob Marshall Wilderness, Rocky Mountains, northern Montana. (An immense roadless and undeveloped area that is a beacon for backpackers, equestrians, and hunters.)

Time of Year: Late August.

Photos 20B & 20C show a series of tracks on the muddy Continental Divide Trail.

There are tracks of FOUR animals in this photo.
Can you name them all?
Extra credit for identifying whether each is a left/right and front/hind track.

Photo 20A
Photo 20B
Photo 20C

Quiz #20 - Answer

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