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Quiz #19 - Question


Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and a safe & joyous season.
In the spirit of giving, today we have a special "double bonus" tracker quiz: Quiz # 19 and Quiz #20: two in one!  As always, have fun!

This one is QUIZ #19 (Part I)

Take a look at Photos 19A, 19B & 19C.

A description is as follows:

"The photos show a set of deer tracks made on an early spring day in Ontario. This female deer was walking at a leisurely pace across a disused gravel parking lot."

Your question for today is: Examine the photos carefully – what’s wrong with the preceding statements?


Photo by Walter Muma

Photo 19A

Photo by Walter Muma

Photo 19B

Photo by Walter Muma

Photo 19C

Quiz #19 - Answer

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