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Habitat: A marsh outlet stream in central Connecticut

Time of Year: April

Photo P1

Habitat where these tracks were made - A marsh outlet stream in central Connecticut

Photo P2

From this photo, it appears a small animal has crossed the stream and left us some tracks on the two sandbars.

Photos P3 & P4 are zoomed in on the two trails across the two sandbars, respectively. The animal’s stride measures 4 to 5", and its trail width measures 5".
Photo P3
Photo P4
Photos P5 – P7 are closeups of the footprints. Note that this animal has a large difference in size in its feet – the large foot measures 2 1/8" wide by 1" long; the small foot measures 1" wide by 1" long. Go back to Photos P3, P4 & P6 and note – very interesting – there is a "vertical line" drag mark that goes along the centerline of the trail – this measures 3/8" wide.
Photo P5
Photo P6
Photo P7

Quiz #16 - Answer

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