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Habitat: Wet meadow in an open valley, northern Rocky Mountain foothills in the U.S.

Time of Year: Late March.

Hint: If you’re unsure on this one, try drawing a sketch of the large footprint to scale (5x4"), and see if your sketch "speaks" to you.
Photo M1

Photo M1 shows the overall habitat, with a my wife skiing alongside an animal trail.

Photo M2

Photo M2 shows a closer view of the trail, at which point we could see it was from more than one animal, following in single file. After following this trail for a while, it branched into 6 trails of individual animals.

Photo M3

Photo M3 shows the trail of one of these individual animals, where it broke away from the group to urinate.

Photo M4

Photos M4, M5 & M6 are zoomed in further to show individual tracks within the trail. Note there are 2 sizes of footprints for this individual animal: the small footprint measures 3" long by 2 7/8" wide, and the large footprint measures 5" long by 4" wide. Further on this trail, the animal went into a walking gait in which the trail width was 7" and the stride was exactly 20", very consistently for hundreds of strides.

Photo M5


Photo M6



Quiz #14 - Answer

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