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Photos H1-H7 are from one area. The tracks do not show up well, but there are key signs of this animal.

Habitat: Power line & railroad corridor in residential area, near Hartford, Connecticut.

Time of Year: February.

Photos H1 & H2 show a crab apple tree and how the fruit remains available to the animals well into winter.

Photo H1


Photo H2


Photos H3 & H4 show that an animal has collected the crab apples & cached them under the snow at the base of the tree trunk.

Photo H3


Photo H4

Photos H5 & H6 show tracks leading away from the food cache; tracks are hard to see in the photo, but footprints are " wide by " long, trail width = 1", stride = 3", and there is a continuous tail drag.

Photo H5


Photo H6

Photo H7 shows that this animal often tunnels underneath the snow. The tunnel is about 1 " in diameter.

Photo H7

Photos H8-H10, which I believe to be the same animal, show much clearer tracks.

Habitat: Oak woodlands near marsh, city park near Hartford, Connecticut.

Time of Year: December.

Clues: Footprint and trail width are the same as the previous photos. But in these photos the animal is bounding at a faster pace, not dragging its tail continuously. Stride = 9-11", and the tail marks are 2" long.

Photo H8


Photo H9


Photo H10


Quiz #10 - Answer

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