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Quiz #49 - Question

by Brian Booth

Photo 49A

This is a (maybe) difficult quiz – some will find it difficult due to the habitat being unfamiliar; some will find a key clue or two and find it easy.

Habitat: Alpine terrain – high above timberline – deep in the heart the wilderness of Olympic National Park, Washington state. This area is known to mountaineers as the “Bailey Range”, and is one of the deepest, most pristine wilderness areas in the lower 48 United States.

Time of year: August. (This area receives about 200 inches of precipitation per year, and the snow lasts a long time into summer.)

Photo 49B

You are traveling on a bootpath on a lofty ridge and come upon a large patch of snow.

Photo 49C

You see an animal trail in the snow.

Photo 49D

You take an overhead view of the trail (Photo 49D). It is high noon, and the sun is blinding, making it difficult to see every track, but it looks like the animal’s stride is 12 to15 inches, and the trail width is about 8 inches.

Photo 49E

Getting on your hands and knees, you focus on individual footprints, two of which are shown in Photos 49E & 49F. The tracks measure 2½ inch long by 2¼ inch wide.

Photo 49F


1. What animal made the tracks?
2. List 3 clues that lead you to distinguish the tracks of this animal from other similar-footed creatures.

Quiz #49 - Answer

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