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Quiz #44 - Question

Photos and text by Brian Booth

Hereís a challenging quiz from an exotic land Ė an island off the coast of Greece. The challenge is that the tracks are very faint; otherwise it would not be so difficult even if you are totally unfamiliar with Greece. Use every clue you can!!
Photo 44A

Habitat: The hot, arid mountains of the Greek island of Naxos, land of delicious seafood, figs, apricots, red wine and feta cheese.

Time of year: July.

Photo 44B

You are on a walk on a dirt road to an ancient windmill atop a small mountain above town.

Photo 44C

Itís a broiling hot summer day at noon. There are animal tracks on the road. Can you see them?

Photo 44D

If not, take a closer look. Can you see anything yet? (Itís hard to see tracks at high noon).

Photo 44E

Try an even closer look. There are some barely-visible tracks in the dust on the hard-packed dirt. It is hard to see every track in this photo, but the stride is 10 inches, and the trail width is 6 to 7 inches.

Photo 44F

Intrigued, you bend down to examine individual tracks. They are very faint (Photos 44F / 44G / 44H). The tracks measure about 2ľ inch long by 1ĺ inch wide, but they are not very clear. This is pretty tough.
If you are ready to guess, click here. If you are energetic and want to climb to the windmill for more clues, then carry on...

Photo 44G


Photo 44H


Photo 44I

Here you are at the windmill, with a view of the land. You are hot, tired, and scraped up from the thorny plants Ė if you are ready to turn around and make a guess now, click here. Otherwise, if you want to walk further down the road to search for more clues, continue on...

Photo 44J

Good for you, going the extra kilometer in search of more clues! You find a single track in good quality dust with better definition ...

Photo 44K

... along with some scat.

OK, thatís all the clues you get!

Hereís your questions:
1. What is the mystery animal?
2. What clues did you use to determine your answer?

Quiz #44 - Answer

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