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by Brian Booth

Hereís a tracking quiz that may be easy, or may be more difficult, depending on where you live & what ecosystems youíre familiar with. Itís also set up to provide additional clues if the quiz is too hard. (Although it has some followup questions if you want to make it more challenging.)
Photo 38A

Habitat: A sandbar on a fairly large river, western Washington (Photos 38A-B)

Photo 38B

(I had to stand in the icy water to take Photo 38B Ė man, that was cold!)

Time of year: May.

Photo 38C

Photo 38C shows an animal trail coming out of the water.

Photo 38D

Photo 38D is a stitched photo, zoomed in to show more detail. The tracks are not very clear, and differ quite a bit from one print to another. The stride is very difficult to characterize, but is about 8 inches. The trail width was about 6 to 8 inches.

Photo 38E

Photos 38E / 38F / 38G are zoomed in to show tracks. The tracks are so unclear that itís difficult to give measurements on the footprints Ė use the ruler as a scale to judge for yourself.
Photo 38H shows where the tracks led to.

Photo 38F
Photo 38G
1. What animal made these tracks?
2. How many toes does it have?
3. This was perfectly good wet sand for making tracks. Why are the tracks so indistinct?
4. Where was the animal headed, and why?

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Quiz #38 - Answer

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