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Quiz #32 - Question

Here’s a quiz from one that may – or may not – be easy. My best suggestion is to not think too hard – your first instinct will most likely be the best.
Photo 32A

Habitat: A river in the Cascade Mountain range, western Washington, elevation 3,000 feet (Photo 32A).

Time of year: March.

Photo 32B shows the trail of an animal that has come out of the river, onto the snow on the sand bar.


Photo 32C is zoomed in on the trail. At this point, when the animal was climbing the snow bank, its stride measured 9 inches, and its trail width measured 4¾ inches.
Photo 32D

Photos 32D / 32E are zoomed in on the tracks. The tracks measured about 4 3/8 inches long by 3 7/8 inches wide.

Photo 32E
Photo 32F shows the trail on top of the sand bar.
Photo 32G shows the stride at this location. While the animal was going straight, the stride measured 24 to 25 inches, and the trail width was 8 inches. Then the animal turned right, and the tracks abruptly became less distinct and then disappeared altogether.
  1. What animal made the tracks?
  2. What was the animal doing in Photos 32F / 32G?

Quiz #32 - Answer

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