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Quiz #30 - Question

Here’s a quiz from the frozen northlands.
Photo 30A

Habitat: A frozen lake in rural northern Vermont (Photo 30A). (For those of you into cross-country skiing, this is at the renowned Craftsbury Outdoor Center.)

Time of year: Early March

Photo 30B

I was going around the perimeter of Great Hosmer Pond on a glorious day of skiing through a light layer of fresh, dry powder, when I came upon an animal trail that crossed the expansive frozen lake. As I approached, I became very interested, as the trail had a distinct pattern that repeated uninterrupted for as far as I could see (Photo 30B).

Photo 30C

Photo 30C shows a little more detail, along with a ski track to get a sense of scale.

Photo 30D

Photo 30D is zoomed in to show the stride. The group length (the length of each group of 4 prints) measured 12 inches. The stride (the distance between the start of each group of 4 prints) measured 17 inches - precisely the same with each stride. The trail width was 3 inches.

Photo 30E

Photo 30E is zoomed in to show one group of 4 tracks.

Photo 30F

Photo 30F is zoomed in to show the details of the footprints. Because the powder was so dry, there was not much detail in in the prints, with one exception, which is shown as a closeup in Photo 30G. This track measured 1¾ inch long by 1 3/8 inch wide.

Photo 30G


  1. What animal crossed the lake?
  2. What kind of gait was this animal using?

Quiz #30 - Answer

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