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Hope you have been enjoying the winter & the tracking opportunities it brings (at least those of you fortunate enough to live where it snows). I know I’ve been enjoying it, and have a new quiz ready from one of this winter’s escapades.

Time of Year: December.

Who is this energetic mystery animal?

Photo 22A

Habitat: Hardwood riparian area between the open country of a golf course and a large stream, in rural Connecticut (Photo 22A).

Photo 22B

Photos 22B & 22C show the trail of a small animal bounding through the woods.

Photo 22C
Photo 22D
Photo 22D is zoomed in – the stride ranges from 11 to 19 inches, and the trail width is 1 inches.
Photo 22E

Photos 22E & 22F show another portion of the trail – at the top, notice the animal bounded over some small logs.

Photo 22F
Photo 22G

Photos 22G & 22H are zoomed in on the tracks left on the log (logs are great for this!). The footprint measures 7/8 inch long by inch wide.

Photo 22H
Photo 21J

Photos 22J, 22K & 22L show typical continuations of the animal’s trail - alongside & under a large log, and then over & through a brush pile.

Photo 21K
Photo 21L

Quiz #22 - Answer

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