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Quiz #46 - Answer

by Walter Muma

The answer is ... Black-capped Chickadee!
No, not a miniature deer :)

This track, or rather, this mark, was made by a black-capped chickadee as it squatted on the snow.
I was in Algonquin Park in Ontario in February. I like to hang out at a place known for the number of birds that also hang out there. I saw this chickadee land quite close to me and it just sat there for a while. When it took off, I was amazed to see the shape of the "track" it left behind, resembling a miniature deer track.

I made this into a quiz primarily to show how unusual marks can be that are made by animals and their activities. In this case, the size should've told you right away that it wasn't a deer track. But aside from that, this serves to illustrate how easily one can be fooled by marks (tracks).

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