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Quiz #44 - Answer

  1. The mystery animal is DOMESTIC GOAT.
  2. The clues available included the following:
    1. The tracks were from a hoofed animal.
    2. The track size of 2¼ inch long indicates it was a pretty small hoofed animal.
    3. This is a regular walking gait. In a walking gait of a 4-legged animal, the animal’s body length is, very roughly, about double the stride, so in this case an animal somewhere between about 20 to 25 inches long.
    4. The animal is close to town, and on a road, so it’s probable that it’s a domestic animal. That tends to suggest it’s a small goat or sheep, possibly a juvenile.
    5. There was a clue in Photo 44B. At the bottom of the picture are stone walls next to the road – these are domestic animal pens. (I intentionally tried to distract you by telling you to look up, at the windmill – HAHAHAHA…)
    6. There was a clue right at the start of the quiz, indicating this is a land where feta cheese is made. Feta cheese comes from goats or sheep.
    7. There were two more clues in Photo 44I – the plants are thorny, and you can see from the vegatation on the mountain that the stone walls create a distinct line of demarcation showing where animals have been allowed to graze. One animal well-known for eating nearly anything, including thorny plants, is goat.

If you got this quiz right, congratulations. In real life, I got it right, but it took a lot of effort.

A delightful vacation with my family, in an enchanted land. Tough for tracking, but if you are observant enough, you can do tracking nearly anywhere.

Gertrude the goat says see you neh-eh-eh-eh-eh-xt quiz!

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