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Quiz #40 - Answer

by Walter Muma

Well this was a most interesting quiz!

To start off with, I wish to emphasize again that I was NOT present when the tracks/marks were made, nor did I meet or speak with anyone who saw them being made. I was completely alone here before, during, and after the time I took these photographs.

My best guess as to what the long marks are, is a long dog leash dragging behind a running dog. It slews behind the dog as it happily runs here and there about the clearing and down the hill.

Guesses that came in from viewers of this quiz were (some were intentionally in jest):

  • Someone was throwing a frisbee for their dog and it went out of control, rolling on edge all the way down the hill (good one, but doesn't explain the line on the level snow)
  • Someone buried a rope, it snowed on top of it, and then 2 people pulled the rope out of the snow, one on each end of the rope (LOL)
  • Someone put out some fresh meat for the birds, with a rope tied to it, and a raven took the bait and the rope trailed behind (possible but not likely)
  • Someone let their pet hamster out of the car while they were feeding the birds, and it tunneled through the snow (LOL)
  • The line in the snow is a bicyclist, on a dusting of snow that lies on top of a rock-hard frozen snowpack! (LOL)

The bird tracks are Raven. Sorry, no measurements to show you, but their size is the giveaway, compared to a nearby boot print. Along with the typical corvid (jays, crows and ravens) track pattern of two claws off to one side.


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